Shannan Redcay

Shannan Redcay, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing

Shannan Redcay serves as Executive Vice President, Manufacturing at Utz having served in this role since June 2022. In this role, Ms. Redcay has responsibility for Manufacturing, Manufacturing Operational Excellence, Value Creation, Continuous Improvement, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Safety, Innovation and Research & Development. Ms. Redcay joined Utz in 2015 and she previously served as Senior Vice President of R&D, Quality Assurance and Value Creation since 2020. Prior to joining Utz, Ms. Redcay served in various roles at WhiteWave Foods, an international competitor in the plant-based, organic dairy and organic produce categories. During Ms. Redcay’s tenure at WhiteWave from 2006 to 2015, her roles included Director R&D, Dean Foods, where she helped launch TruMoo consolidated formulas across all regional dairies; Director of Packaging and Regulatory with a focus on new packaging format development; and Director of Horizon Organic where she helped drive expansion into Food categories. Ms. Redcay earned her Bachelor of Science from Purdue University.