We are dedicated to offering outstanding, high quality, innovative snacks to our consumers. From every stage of development, we apply rigorous oversight to uphold food safety, create transparency, and source superior ingredients from a diverse faming base.

Package Properly

Package Properly Our product packaging is essential to keep our products safe and fresh, and to provide information about nutrition and recycling. We are constantly exploring ways to decrease the amount of material used, incorporate recycled content, and make our packages easier to recycle across all of our packaging formats.


the average number of times we reuse our cardboard shipping cartons

Consume with Confidence

We never compromise on food safety. We take pride in offering delicious snack foods that our customers can be confident fully meet safety and transparency standards.

We make it easy for our customers to make informed snacking choices. Our packaging and website provide clear, comprehensive nutritional information.

Grow Responsibly

Agriculture is one of the world’s largest industries and a leading source of water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity loss on a global scale. We aim to establish a resilient supply base, encouraging sustainable farming practices, and increasing the regions from which we source our raw materials.

Several of our large potato growers have established sustainability programs that conserve water, and reduce pesticide and fertilizer use.